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Publicações Técnicas
Alexiew, Dr.-Ing. D.

Foundation of a Coal/Coke Stockyard on Soft Soil with Geotextile Encased Columns and Horizontal Reinforcement


ThyssenKrupp Steel (TKCSA: ThyssenKrupp Siderurgica da Atläntico) is building a steel plant in the Iowlands at the Brazilian seashore near Sepetiba - an overview is given in Glockner et al (2008)- inclusive of a 380.000 m2 stockyard for raw materials. The area consists of soft soils of very Low bearing capacity and a thickness of up to 20 m; the ground water Ievel is just below the surface. Beside the stockpiles of ca. 13m height, the Stockyards also include runways (RW) for the so called stacker/reclaimers (S/R) similar to the heavy excavators in open mining (figure 1}. The focal point of this publication is the foundation solution for the coal/col<e stockpiles and the RWs under these extremely problematic conditions.


Since February the first 5/R and apart of the coal/coke stockpile beds are under operation. First preliminary survey and measurements confirm among others the low deformability of the runways and the low 'spreading' of the stockpiles and generally the suitability and effectiveness of the concepts, design, optimized solutions and materials described.