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Publicações Técnicas
Fantini, Pierpaolo

Reinforced very steep wall 23 meters high built on a river bank in an industrial settlement in Lumezzane (Italy)


The choice of the reinforced steep slope in this project was the ideal solution to minimize environmental impact in this valley environment and to solve few technical aspects came out during the design phase:

- reduce the active pressure against the cemented boulder bank of the torrent

- allow a very efficient draining system in the foundation layer with complete water discharge into the torrent

- best optimization of the limited space for the car parking area on top of the very high reinforced steep wall

- follow the shape of mountain torrent with good aesthetic results.

Observation of the geogrid reinforced steep slope during the first 12 months of service is clearly indicating no signs of relative settlements, face and horizontal displacements confirming the effectiveness of the adopted design choice and solution.