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Publicações Técnicas
Russo, Luis Eduardo | Balducci, M. | Fantini, Pierpaolo

Reinforced trapezoidal embankment for the protection of a road against an active landslide from the side of a quarry


The trapezoidal embankment reinforced with geogrids revealed to be most suitable solution to face up the construction of the barrier protection against the active landslide, because fulfils technical and environmental requirements, that is to say:

(a) Short execution time, compared with other solutions like concrete walls founded on piles. That's allowed to minimize the risk in case of landside activation and to obtain the quickly reopening of the road for the almost isolated towns Costa di Trex and Armezzano.

(b) Suitable soil mass and robustness to withstand the sliding impact,

(c) Geometric versatility to be adapted in the topography of the area getting over geometrical restrictions as the proximity to the road, the need to reach a suitable basin capacity, the need to reach a minimum required height in order to avoid overtopping.

(d) Natural appearance to be introduced in the surrounding environment.

(e) Cost effective. Thanks to the adoption of high strength geogrids (1,000 kN/m) it was possible to avoid the use of piles and/or nails. This solution was on the whole more convenient compared to concrete walls founded on piles.