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Publicações Técnicas
Detert, Dr.-Ing. O. | Wehrli, E.

Flexible high modulus geogrids used as tie-back anchors for retaining structures


Two different case studies are presented in this paper, dealing with the application of flexible, high modulus geogrids used as temporary tie-back anchors of vertical retaining structures.

The first case study deals with 10 m high temporary bridge, whereas the supporting I-beams are

anchored with geogrids. The bridge was built over an existing road and railway in Switzerland to

support a temporary construction haul road with heavy traffic. The I-beams were anchored at four

different levels and a post-tensioning device for the geogrids was installed.

The second case study deals with a temporary anchoring of an existing sheet pile wall in Amersfoort, Netherlands. In course of infrastructural civil works the permanent anchors of a sheet pile wall had to be demolished. To guarantee the stability and to limit the deformation a temporary anchoring was needed. The use of conventional anchors was technically not feasible. The application of geogrids as anchoring element led to a cost-efficient, easy and quick solution, which was installed in less then two days.


The paper presented two different projects, where special anchoring solutions due to the particular circumstances were required. After evaluation of different conventional solutions the use of geogrids as horizontal anchor elements for the described retaining structures proved to be the best solution under the given boundary conditions. Measurements resp. observations demonstrated non or very small deformations, which were all within the required limits. Back-anchoring retaining walls with flexible geogrids allow for cost-efficient simple and successful innovative solutions.