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Publicações Técnicas
Detert, Dr.-Ing. O. | König, D. | Schanz, T.

Centrifuge modeling of an adaptive foundation system for embankments on soft soils


Centrifuge tests will be conducted to analyze the behavior of a new adaptive foundation system for embankments on very soft soils. The embankment will be constructed in-flight in three stages. Various measurements are to be taken during the test, which will later be used for the calibration and verification of a numerical model. This paper describes the new adaptive foundation system as well as the centrifuge test set-up and the tests them self. A special focus is put on a newly developed sand hopper concept, which allows the construction of the test embankment in stages and refills the movable funnel in-flight from a storage drum.


The paper deals with a new adaptive foundation system for embankments on very soft soils and with its complex and time dependent interactions mechanisms of the system components. The system itself and the interactions are delineated. Due to the complexity it is planned to analyze the foundation system by means of numerical simulations. For the verification and calibration of the numerical model small scale model test at increased g-level are planned. The model set-up, test program as well as procedure of the centrifuge tests are described. For the centrifuge tests a new sand hopper concept was developed and realized for the staged construction of the embankment during increased g-level. The funnel of the sand hopper can be also refilled in-flight. The test set-up with its instrumentation and the sand hopper was successfully tested in a first centrifuge test. In the evaluation of the first test results the interactions between the system components are clearly visible. The measurements of total and pore water pressures as well as the system deformations are within the expected range. Further centrifuge tests are planned.