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Publicações Técnicas
Durand, R. | Arab, R. | Boumezoued, H.

Some case studies of geosynthetic solutions dealing with landslides and unstable slopes in north Algeria


The efficiency and the sustainability of geosynthetics in the reinforcement applications are now welldemonstrated. Standards, according to the Eurocode 7, give a framework for designs and facilitate the work of the engineer. In this article, we present case studies where geosynthetics solution are designed, compared to other methods and finally implemented on site for mitigation and/or rehabilitation of road affected by landslides.


Years after completion, all three jobs give entire satisfaction to the different contractors in term of water management, stability and facing. The system of Geosynthetic-Reinforced Soil to treat landslides and slope instabilities is, in the one hand, a cost-effective solution, especially because it allows to re-use site material, and is in the other hand a solution offering a good integration of the steep embankment in the environment.